Review: Lipstick on His Collar – Brigid Coady


Surely everyone remembers their first kiss, but what about all the other ones? Brigid Coady explores each one in turn in her brilliant The Kiss Collection. Lipstick on His Collar is the third instalment in this series.

It still amazes me how much content can be put into a 1000 word count. Brigid is a true genius! There is no time wasted with unnecessary fillers, but instead she strips the plot nearly bare and only concentrates on one specific “kiss scenario”.

None of the characters have names which I thought would come across as anonymous and cold, but the contrary is the case. The story is intimate, beautiful and thought-provoking.

Lipstick on His Collar is a bite-sized masterpiece and I cannot wait for the next instalments. The Kiss Collection is ideal for filling those boring “waiting” moments – at the doctors, at the bus stop, for your dinner to cook…

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a review invite for this title on Netgalley.


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