Blog Tour: Review: Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place – Portia MacIntosh

Today I am taking part in the Blog Tour for Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place by Portia MacIntosh. This tour has been organised by the lovely girls from Gosling Girls Book Tours.


Nicole, a journalist and best friend to high-profile band member Dylan, finds herself chasing said rockstar for a whole night. Yes, Dylan is often drunk and gets himself into strange situations but surely it can’t be that hard to find him and make sure he gets onto the tour bus on time for a charity event. Or can it?

I started reading this novella before I went to bed and only wanted to read a few chapters, but ended up reading the whole book in one go (it only took me an hour or so to finish it).

Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place is all about Nicole’s wild goose chase across town to find Dylan who goes missing after one of his performances. This chase leads her from one woman to another, from one hotel into town and back to the hotel and so forth. This novella encompasses some brilliantly funny and witty elements as well as an hilarious account of the people Nicole meets on her way to find Dylan (a tattoo artist to a prostitute – you name it!).

In parts I found Dylan’s behaviour rather erratic and exaggerated – but who am I to judge – I have never been on tour with a rockstar and maybe these character traits are just normal?? At this point, however, Dylan is not my cup of tea, but maybe we will discover his true colours in the sequel…?

Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place  is the prequel to Starstruck Look which will be released in March. I am intrigued to find out which other adventures Nicole and Dylan will get up to next.


Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place will be released on 20th February.


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