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I am so pleased to be welcoming Jane Linfoot to my blog today. Her newest novel The Right Side of Mr Wrong is out today. Happy Publication Day Jane and over to you:


The character development for the Right Side Of Mr Wrong

For me the early stages of putting together a book is like building up a collage out of lots of random fragments that have been rattling around my head. I grab my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, then fuse the different strands together. In real life I get a thrill from things that are out of the ordinary or surprising, and that comes through in my writing too.

Shea was inspired by something a girl said to me at a hen party a long time ago. Her words stayed with me, and when I was looking to create a heroine who was a little bit different Shea took over the bones of that girl’s life. To say any more would be too much of a giveaway, but if you read the book, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. For Shea a career as a high end personal organiser tied in nicely with her backstory – Shea has a need to be in control, and giving her a slight obsession with order worked well too. This job also meant she was used to handling guys like Brando on a daily basis. She expects to bring him to heel in no time at all, but the chemistry knocks her right off her stride – as far as heat like this goes she’s a total novice!

Meanwhile Brando evolved from a much more recent article in a Sunday paper about a lonely rock star, but as I didn’t know much about the music industry he swiftly morphed into an ex rock star who has moved onto making his money from risk investment. Everything he’s achieved in life he’s done on his own but self reliance can be very isolating. Initially he was going to have a run down country pile, but as soon as he marched in I knew he wouldn’t be the kind of guy to let things slide, and that blew some of my early plot ideas out of the water. But when your characters arrive fully formed, it’s not advisable to argue with them. Brando’s a high energy, driven kind of guy, and parkour running suits him perfectly – I spent hours researching that on YouTube! The absurdity of a guy hurling himself round a stately home appealed, and this playboy is satisfyingly different. And I make no apologies for an uptight hero, with a ton of issues. He’s perfect material for Shea to take in hand!

As for Brando’s sister, Bryony, she breaks all the writing rules by having a name beginning with the same letter as another character – how did that happen? – and, a bit like her brother, she bounced onto the page from nowhere. Arriving to take authors by surprise obviously runs in the family. Although she plays a major role in setting up the The Right Side Of Mr Wrong, after the first scene we don’t see her again until quite late in the novel, when she sweeps in like a whirlwind. But Bryony, being Bryony, was never going to go home when I typed ‘The End’. She stuck around shouting at me until I gave her a book and a sizzling hero of her own. I’m just finishing her story now! Watch this space…  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy The Right Side Of Mr Wrong!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today Jane!


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  1. March 6, 2014 / 10:54 am

    Thanks so much for featuring The Right Side Of Mr Wrong on your blog today Heidi! It’s a lovely place to be! xx

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