Review: Fool’s Gold – Zana Bell


Love is it worth its weight in gold?

It’s 1866 and the gold rush is on. Left to fend for herself in the wilds of New Zealand’s west coast, Lady Guinevere Stanhope is determined to do whatever it takes to rescue her ancestral home and restore her father’s good name.

Forced out of his native Ireland, Quinn O’Donnell dreams of striking gold. His fiercely held prejudices make him loath to help any English person, let alone a lady as haughty and obstinate as Guinevere. But when a flash flood hits, Quinn is compelled to rescue her, and their paths become entwined in this uncharted new world.

Though a most inconvenient attraction forms between them, both remain determined to pursue their dreams, whatever the cost.

Will they realise in time that all that glitters is not gold?
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Fool’s Gold is one of the best historical romantic fiction novels I have ever read! I was immediately intrigued by 1866 New Zealand and couldn’t wait for the storyline to unfold.

As soon as the reader is introduced to both main characters, Guinevere and Quinn, I knew we were in for a treat. Both are incredibly opinionated and strong  in their own way and I could only imagine how well these two would work as verbal sparring partners. The whole story is written in such a delicate and thoughtful way which made it so easy for me to get completely absorbed into the storyline.

The author portrays so incredibly well the struggles Guinevere faces – not only is she not used to the “simple life”, but in addition she quickly realises that it is not easy as a woman to live in a town full of gold rush addicted miners.

Along the way, we get to meet a varied mix of characters who all contribute in one way or another to Guinevere’s and Quinn’s character development. I really loved the fact that not only Guinevere’s and Quinn’s story concluded in the end, but that also all of the other characters lives are so brilliantly tied. This is such a big bonus as I feel a lot of books finish the story that centres around the main characters, but the supporting cast just gets dropped somewhere along the way.

I am so happy to have discovered Zana Bell’s writing. Fool’s Gold is not her first novel (but the first one I’ve read by her) and I am hugely looking forward to delving into her other books.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me an ecopy of this book.


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