Review: I’ll Take New York – Miranda Dickinson

When Brooklyn bookstore owner Bea James is let down once too often by unreliable boyfriend Otis, she swears off relationships for good, determined instead to focus on her successful business and otherwise happy life in New York.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Manhattan, Jake Steinmann is nursing a broken heart after his beautiful wife Jessica files for divorce. Relocating his life back to New York from San Francisco, he throws himself into setting up his psychiatry practice and supporting older brother Ed who is preparing to wed love of his life, Rosie.

Unexpectedly thrown together at Rosie and Ed’s engagement party where they are the only two singles, Bea and Jake bond over their dislike of relationships – a conversation that ends with a pact to never get involved with anyone ever again.

But as their friendship grows both Bea and Jake begin to wish they’d never made their pact. Can they find a way to follow their hearts before it’s too late? (synopsis taken from Amazon)


I am very grateful for being asked to take part in this tour for Miranda’s newest release I’ll Take New York. I am a huge Miranda fan and have loved all of her previous work. In fact, a character from one of her books inspired me to take up blogging. Being able to read I’ll Take New York before its official release date on 4th December was such a treat!

I’ll Take New York is kind of a sequel to Fairytale of New York. However, this time, the main focus of the plotline is on Bea and Jake. Although we get to meet the two characters the readers followed in Fairytale of New York – Rosie and Ed (Jake’s brother) – again, they are only supporting characters in this book. I really loved their re-appearance as  these two really grew on me in the previous book.

When Bea and Jake eventually meet at a party where they are the only single people, they make a pact to swear off relationships and enjoy New York and its beauty without having to consider a partner’s feelings or opinions. Will these two be able to stay “just friends”?

One of the many things I am so fond of in Miranda’s books is her ability to create the scenes for her characters. From the first page onwards, I felt as if I was amidst Bea, Jake and the gang, living in New York and meeting new people. For me it is so incredibly easy to relate to each and every one of the characters.

I loved the special bond between Bea and her grandmother Dot. The reader gets such a vivid insight into their relationship by the emails and letters these two exchange. Dot very much reminded me of my own great aunt and I felt an immediate pull to her. This character certainly adds huge value to this book.

I’ll Take New York is full of hope, encouragement and the ability to rely on your nearest and dearest – a perfect book to curl up with and forget all about the outside world.



  1. November 30, 2014 / 10:42 am

    Miranda has a great talent for including her reader in the action. Loved “being” in New York. Great review, thank you.

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