Book Review: Sole Sister – Brooklyn James

The second book in The Boots My Mother Gave Me series, Sole Sister picks up several years later, continuing the story of Harley LeBeau and her rebellious sister Katrina ‘Kat’ LeBeau.

Relocating to Nashville to be closer to Harley and Miah, Kat aspires to launch her Sole Sister fashion line. A gutsy and impromptu plan suddenly lands her on the cover of The Ville Spill—the local celebrity gossip rag—alongside country music’s latest heartthrob, giving Sole Sister the push it needs. But Kat quickly learns that not all press is good press.

Years removed from an abusive childhood and teenage pregnancy, the past that Kat never talks about continues to seep into her life and relationships. Still struggling with the images of finding her father after his suicide, Kat forges ahead, vowing to avoid past mistakes. To focus on her career and responsibilities as a single mother, she swears off the disappointments of love. The first man she ever loved, her father, broke her heart. The first boy she ever fell in love with, her daughter’s father, broke her heart.

What Kat didn’t plan on was Nashville SWAT Officer Connor Reese. She and Connor have more pulling them together than keeping them apart. Kat finds herself in familiar territory when her plan to steer clear of heartache is derailed after spending a night in his arms. Will facing her past help to secure her future? Will Connor offer her a second chance at life and love? Or will her heart break yet again?

Staying true to its predecessor, Sole Sister explores the dynamics of strength in sisterhood, the ongoing conflict and unconditional love between mother and daughter, and the courage to become more than one’s past. (courtesy of


I read the first book, The Boots My Mother Gave Me, nearly two years ago and was really intrigued when I heard that there would be a second book. At the same time, I was also slightly apprehensive as I thought the first book covered so much ground, I wasn’t sure that a second part could do it justice, but it did!

I would highly recommend to read these two books in order as I feel that without the first book, the strong and powerful bond between the sisters is really hard to grasp.  

Brooklyn James is an amazing storyteller and does not shy away from sensitive issues. Both sisters (Harley and Kat) had to deal with so much in the past and the future does not look like an easy, straight forward ride either. Kat is moving, together with her teenage daughter, to Nashville in order to be closer to her sister and at the same time to start off her own fashion line.  I really loved that her designs include boots as boots were such a significant metaphor in the first book. 

Sole Sister is huge food for thought. Again, there is so much going on in the storyline that my head started spinning after a while (in a good way, if that makes sense). The ending is wrapped up beautifully and draws the struggles and happy times from both books together in a brilliant and well thought out way.





  1. July 2, 2016 / 9:10 am

    Sounds good 🙂

    • Heidi
      July 2, 2016 / 12:33 pm

      I really enjoyed it, Suz. It’s a fantastic read.

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