PAGES: 352


Do Not Become Alarmed is a page-turning, mind-blowing and thrilling read that put me on edge more than once whilst racing through the pages. A cruise, which should have been a relaxing family holiday for our main characters, turns out to be a complete and utter nightmare for all participants.

Liv and Nora, their respective husbands and children quickly befriend an Argentinian family onboard the cruise ship. All is well until a fateful land excursion in Central America turns their lives upside down when the children go missing… As a mother myself I don’t even dare to imagine the panic that must run through the parent’s veins as they discover the absence of their children. I literally raced through the pages in hope for a quick re-union between the parents and the children.

I thought that Do Not Become Alarmed was well written. The author creates such suspense and chill that is easily felt by the reader. The perspective changes between the children’s and parent’s point of view which I thought was cleverly thought out and adds a lot of depth to the storyline.

For me, Do Not Become Alarmed, is one of these books that completely grips you and plays tricks on your mind as you are rooting for a positive outcome from this whole misery. A thrilling read that I can easily recommend. 


PAGES: 384

PUBLICATION DATE: 15th June 2017

I am a huge fan of Sarah Morgan’s writing and have read most of her previous books. When I saw her newest offering on NetGalley, I immediately knew I wanted to read this one.

Twin sisters Fliss and Harriet own a dog walking business in Manhattan. A good 10 years ago Fliss separated from her teenage sweetheart Seth and hasn’t seen him since. That is until he covers for a vet in the clinic the sisters use for their business. There is a lot of hurt and undiscussed feelings between Fliss and Harriet, but rather than to talk to Seth, she escapes to the Hamptons in order to care for her elderly grandmother. However, this might have not been her smartest plan, as the first person she comes across in the Hamptons is none other than Seth. To make matters worse, she pretends to be her identical twin Harriet. How long will Fliss be able to keep her little white lie up?

In true Sarah Morgan style, this novel is filled with plently of romantic moments and sheer passion. I loved her depiction of the Hamptons. Not that I have ever been there (and to be honest, probably will never go there – unless I win the lottery), but I thought the setting was extremely well chosen and tied in fantastically with the whole feel of the book. 

Fliss was a very likeable character and I rooted for her from the beginning on. The reader quickly gets an insight into her emotional state as we learn more about her past. She puts on a brave face to guard herself from any hurt, but her inner voice depicts a different story altogether. Will she, this time around, be able to open up to Seth?

Holiday in the Hamptons is a fantastic read, a rollercoaster of emotions and a story about second chances. 

I have a confession to make. When I heard that there was a follow up to Riika Jäntti’s charming Little Mouse, I was as delighted as my daughter. The second book in the series continues the adventures of Little Mouse, as he helps Mummy Mouse in preparation for a visit from his friend. The book is beautifully illustrated with sublimely coloured pictures and lots of detail that could be missed on an initial read. Little Mouse’s big personality once again makes an appearance, to which parents will easily be able to relate! As always, Mummy Mouse prevents any tantrums from becoming full blown in her gentle and easy manner.

The facial expressions that Riika creates for her characters are incredible and they are exactly that; characters with character. Not only can parents relate to the story, but children can too due to the characterful depictions of the mice. It is comforting to see that Little Mouse is praised for his contributions helping round the house, which will encourage young ones to want to help their parents, too. He doesn’t always get things right, but he definitely tries his hardest.

To conclude, Riika has once again created another perfect book for children that is fun to look at and enjoyable to read. I, I mean, my daughter will be looking forward to more books from this talented writer.

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How is it only just about 2 weeks to Christmas?? I’d better start to get organised. I am now officially on maternity leave and can fully concentrate on buying the last Christmas presents and prepare for Baby #2’s arrival in a few weeks time.

#TalkoftheTown will go on a Christmas break. This week  will be the last link-up for 2016, but fear not. We will be back on 7th January with some super exciting news! I cannot wait to share more details with you all. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported our Talk of the Town link-up in over the last few weeks!!

For the last Talk of the Town post of 2016, I am sharing our thoughts on the children’s book, Five Minutes’ Peace. This book is part of the Large Family series, that we had never even heard of before we picked up this instalment. We will definitely get a few other Large Family books – they are truly amazing!


I think that my husband and I might even love this book more than other daughter. I swear it is secretly written for parents :-). Mrs Large has 3 little ones who are, how can I put this, quite challenging (just like little humans can sometimes be…). All she wants is five minutes peace away from her brood. Whilst the little ones are having their breakfast, she runs herself a bath, pours herself a cup of tea and is about to head upstairs when she hears a chorus of: “Where are you going, mummy?”.

After just a few minutes in the bath, the young elephant children follow her upstairs – the oldest wants to play her a tune on their flute, the middle one to read a few pages from her reading book and the youngest wants to jump in the bath together with Mrs Large. Sounds familiar??

 My husband and I always chuckle when we read this book. There is definitely a lot in there that every parent will be able to identify with. We’ve only bought this book a few weeks back, but it has become a firm family favourite.

Are you familiar with the Large Family series? Have you read any of the books?


Welcome back to #TalkoftheTown, a weekly link-up I am co-hosting with Shaz from Jera’s Jamboree. We’d love you to share your book related blog posts with us. Please visit my Talk of the Town page if you are unsure of how a link-up works. We are looking forward to reading your blog posts.


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