PUBLISHER: Maverick Arts Publishing


PUBLICATION DATE: 30th November 2017

Receiving this book in the post made us giggle quite a bit. Our youngest daughter is teething at the moment and is literally biting everything she can get her gums into, so it was only fitting to take a picture of her and the book (I had to be quick though, as she was trying to bite the book :-))

In this enjoyable children’s book, it is not necessarily the sweet music that Mouse, Goat and Bear play that interest the Mighty Bitey Piranhas most, but these devious hungry sharp teethed fish are after something else entirely. 

With plenty of sing-song and expressive words, this book makes for a brilliant story to be read out aloud. And just when you think the story can only go one way – you are completely taken by surprise. As far as endings go, this was certainly eyebrow-raising and definitely unexpected.

Thank you very much to the publisher for sending us a copy of this book to review.




PUBLICATION DATE: 9th November 2017

Little Mouse’s Christmas in another instalment in the adorable Little Mouse series. This time, just as the title suggests, Little Mouse gets caught up in the excitement leading up to Christmas. Similar to little people, Little Mouse has a hard time waiting for the big day to arrive, but luckily Mummy Mouse has lots of festive activities planned to keep the little varmint busy.

It’s very easy to love the Little Mouse books. They are filled with so much cuteness and brilliantly highlight day-to-day situations (no matter if you are a little mouse or a little person…). The writing style is simple, yet very engaging which make them perfect for children who are just starting to read coupled with colourful, detailed illustrations. This book gives us an interesting insight into a Finnish Christmas, too, with slightly different customs in comparison to a typical British celebration. Finland is a country we have always wanted to visit, and we already feel like it is our second home thanks to the Little Mouse series!

Thank you, Scribe, for providing us with a review copy of this gorgeous children’s book. All views and opinions are entirely our own.

Publisher: Head of Zeus

Pages: 352

Publication Date: 5th October 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed Trust Me. The title is extremely appropriate and basically sums up the storyline with just these two words – very clever! 

The beginning of this thriller is rather slow-paced. Having said that, it worked brilliantly in this book. It only adds to the storyline that the reader gets enough time to get fully accustomed with the character cast. Just when I thought, I had the whole story figured out, the author planted little seeds of doubt. Along the way, I certainly had no idea who to trust. 

Some of the characters I liked a lot more than others. Jonty, for example, was someone I didn’t particularly like from the beginning on and my opinion of him never really changed. Lizzie and Sam, in contrast, were extremely intriguing and well developed. Their “stepmother/son” relationship definitely left food for thought. 

This book is a thrilling, head-spinning and well-written read that will keep you guessing throughout. 

Huge thanks to Head of Zeus for providing me with a review copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 

PUBLISHER: Maverick Arts Publishing

PUBLICATION DATE: 5th October 2017

What a gorgeous children’s book and definitely quite unique (I have certainly never come across a children’s book that featured beetroot).

The zoo animals are in despair, No one is visiting their zoo anymore and they fear for the worst, until Zebra has an idea – why not grow a giant beetroot to attract visitor?  After all, people love beetroot (well, according to Zebra anyway).

The characters in this book are brilliant. From an overenthusiastic zebra to a grumpy penguin – you name it. The storyline and illustrations are super cute and this book makes for a great bedtime read. 

The book takes a very unexpected plot twist towards the end which greatly adds to the overall impression of it, you will most likely say out loud “I didn’t expect that!” Very refreshing for a children’s book to do something out of the ordinary, which makes it a lot more memorable than many of its contemporaries.


PAGES: 416

PUBLICATION DATE: 29th June 2017

What a brilliant read! I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately, having started a few books, but not being able to finish them due to various reasons. Wilde Like Me, however, was not one of these books. I thoroughly enjoyed it and picked it up whenever I had a free minute. I finished the book at the hairdressers and earned a few peculiar stares from the lady sitting next to me as I couldn’t help myself from smirking at Louise’s fantastically witty writing style.

Robin, the heroine in this book, is so incredibly relatable and I would go so far as to argue there is a bit of Robin in each and everyone of us. She is feisty and knows (pretty much) what she wants, but battles secretly with her insecurities. 

Louise created a wide array of characters that are each just as loveable as the next and that add so much substance and support to the story. There are a tonne of laugh-out-loud moments in this book which brilliantly go hand in hand with the more serious issues Robin is facing. 

Wilde Like Me is a wonderfully entertaining read about motherhood, friendships  and daily trials and tribulations. Definitely a book that will proudly sit in my “books to keep” shelf.