PUBLISHER: Maverick Arts Publishing

PUBLICATION DATE: 5th October 2017

What a gorgeous children’s book and definitely quite unique (I have certainly never come across a children’s book that featured beetroot).

The zoo animals are in despair, No one is visiting their zoo anymore and they fear for the worst, until Zebra has an idea – why not grow a giant beetroot to attract visitor?  After all, people love beetroot (well, according to Zebra anyway).

The characters in this book are brilliant. From an overenthusiastic zebra to a grumpy penguin – you name it. The storyline and illustrations are super cute and this book makes for a great bedtime read. 

The book takes a very unexpected plot twist towards the end which greatly adds to the overall impression of it, you will most likely say out loud “I didn’t expect that!” Very refreshing for a children’s book to do something out of the ordinary, which makes it a lot more memorable than many of its contemporaries.


PAGES: 416

PUBLICATION DATE: 29th June 2017

What a brilliant read! I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately, having started a few books, but not being able to finish them due to various reasons. Wilde Like Me, however, was not one of these books. I thoroughly enjoyed it and picked it up whenever I had a free minute. I finished the book at the hairdressers and earned a few peculiar stares from the lady sitting next to me as I couldn’t help myself from smirking at Louise’s fantastically witty writing style.

Robin, the heroine in this book, is so incredibly relatable and I would go so far as to argue there is a bit of Robin in each and everyone of us. She is feisty and knows (pretty much) what she wants, but battles secretly with her insecurities. 

Louise created a wide array of characters that are each just as loveable as the next and that add so much substance and support to the story. There are a tonne of laugh-out-loud moments in this book which brilliantly go hand in hand with the more serious issues Robin is facing. 

Wilde Like Me is a wonderfully entertaining read about motherhood, friendships  and daily trials and tribulations. Definitely a book that will proudly sit in my “books to keep” shelf.

PUBLISHER: Head of Zeus

PAGES: 352

PUBLICATION DATE: 10th August 2017

I am a huge fan of Jane’s books and haven’t missed a single one yet. When I was offered the chance of reading Behind Her Back ahead of its publication date, I immediately accepted. Behind Her Back is a follow on from Woman of the Hour, but could just as easily be read as a standalone. However, I can pretty much guarantee you that you will want to read both of these books as they are both fantastic and utterly addictive.

Set around a busy TV station, our heroine Liz, once again faces hard challenges – not only on a professional level, but also personal ones. Dealing with the tantrums of her teenage daughter is just one example.

I very much love the fictional TV world the author has created. I was already complety sucked in the first time around and couldn’t wait to return to this highly competitive, egocentric environment. And let me tell you, there are some huge egos in this story. I am just glad, my work is nothing like this (but it obviously makes for excellent reading material!).

When Liz returns from her holidays, she finds out that a new team member has been added. But what exactly is Lori’s agenda? Fairly quickly, Liz starts to questions a few things. Can she trust the people she thought she can count on?

I cannot praise Jane’s writing style and creative talent enough. Behind Her Back is a fast-paced and entertaining read that captured my attention until I turned the very last page. I sincerely hope that this was not the last we have heard from Liz and her adventures at StoryWorld. 


PAGES: 368

PUBLICATION DATE: 13th July 2017

The Summer of Serendipity is a charming and engaging read set on the west coast of Ireland. Ren, short for Serendipity, and her assistant/friend Kiki embark on a journey to Ireland in hope to find the perfect house for a client (Ren runs a property business finding THE perfect house for each of her clients). After a few unsuccessful viewings, the two find just what they are looking for. The only problem is that no one seems to know who the owner of the house is.

The story quite quickly moves away from the actual property find to the enigmatic Welcome House. The house and the whole setting itself are beautifully described and the author made it incredibly easy for the reader to feel part of the chase for the owner of the Welcome House. I don’t know an awful lot about Irish legends, but if I could hazard a guess, this book is exactly what I would imagine them to be like.

Ren and Kiki are very likeable characters – in fact the whole character cast of the charming village of Ballykiltara is fantastic. Each and every one adds more mystery and sparkle to the storyline. And of course, it wouldn’t be a true Ali McNamara book without a fair bit of romance thrown into the mix.

The Summer of Serendipity was a very enjoyable read. I’d love to read a sequel to this book to find out how Ren’s (and also Kiki’s) further life pans out.


PAGES: 432

PUBLICATION DATE: 20th April 2017

The A-Z of Everything is such an emotional, moving and yet uplifting story. In true Debbie Johnson style, she presents us with lots of humorous and witty moments all wrapped up in a rollercoaster of emotions.

Andrea is dying without having had the chance of seeing her daughters, Rose and Poppy, who have fallen out over a decade ago, re-united. On her deathbed she carefully lays plans on how to bring her daughters closer together after her death.

I truly loved everything about this book. Each letter of the alphabet takes the storyline to another level as we get to learn so much more about the sister’s and also Andrea’s life. The focus of this book is very much on family and relationships. Debbie’s writing style is just amazing. It is clear to see how much research and thought she must have put into this book to create such an easy-flowing and natural storyline.

I’ve read most of Debbie’s previous books and very much enjoyed all of them, but The A-Z of Everything is my favourite yet.